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Variety ad for Lisa Edelstein

I tried to post this in the house_cuddy community but it was rejected. No reason was given so maybe it was not Huddy-ish enough? Odd... Anyway, I post it here now.

Our sister community iwatchforlisae  has organized a paid 2/3-page ad to be put in today's "Variety Weekly," Hollywood's trade magazine, honoring Lisa Edelstein. I show here the online version of said ad, the full paper version and the list of contributors can be seen at IWFLE.

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love Lisa E

List of shoutouts to Lisa E

I am keeping track of the shoutouts from House-M.D.-related people to Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy) on te occasion of her being dumped from House M.D.

See at here at my LJ. This list will be updated as needed. Let me know if I overlooked anyone.
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Other communities?

So I haven't been watching House after 'Bombshells' because of academics and as I've read since last month, the lackluster writing. I've recently been into Dr. Who, V, and might start watching Fringe and Sherlock Holmes. (And yes, I like science fiction).

I was just wondering if any of you guys are also part of comms for those shows or know any good comms for those. I tried searching but I'm not sure if those communities are any good. Thanks for your help!
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David Shore at York University

David Shore, the creator and executive producer of House, was at York University in Toronto (where I am a student) earlier for a presentation about television, what goes into producing a good show, and House in particular. It was mostly meant for film majors, but all House fans would have enjoyed it. I certainly did, and I'm not even close to majoring in film studies.

I noted down most of the highlights!

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