Mr. Stark Orange (mr_stark_orange) wrote in house_cuddy_ot,
Mr. Stark Orange

Fic Search!

Hey guys, so I'm looking for a certain (pretty sure it's a long, multi-chapter) Huddy fic. All I can remember are that House and Cuddy are in an established relationship (obviously) and Cuddy's not on good terms with her family (because she's super awesome and not the obedient child her mom wanted like her sister turned out to be or something), so when they come to visit her and House devise a plan to be all over each other to shove it in her family's face how happy she is. Like when Cuddy answers the door House is right behind her pressing soft, languid kisses along her neck and stuff. And they keep groping each other and all but have sex right in front of her family.

EDIT: story is Domestication by anon004 at, chapter 70!
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