Well I hope it's ok to post this here. Anyone have a link to the last post in House_Cuddy where everyone posted their favorite Huddy vids? The post got fairly big and there were a lot of good links in it. I searched the past four months and couldn't find it. Any help would be much appreciated.
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House Cupcake??

I love to make cakes and cupcakes with fancy icing and decorations and was wanting to make some House/Fandom related ones but can't think of any good ideas at the moment.

I am quite competent but can't do like peoples faces, I am thinking more like symbols or iconic props or sayings or something.

Does anyone have any ideas?
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A pesky 'looking for a fic...' post

So I read a Huddy fic quite some time ago, and I can't for the life of me find it. Anywhere.

All I can remember is that House and Cuddy are together and have a pair of twins, boys, and near the end it turns out one of the twins is deaf, which they notice when he reacts to quick movements but not loud sounds.

Any help would be much appreciated!

House season 234567890 ... ?

How many seasons do you think the show has to go? And do you think the show will end by cancellation or by decision of the powers that be?

I hope it ends by the decision of the producers, and not through cancellation -- that would be embarrassing. And to be honest, as much as I love the show, I hope it ends soon -- we all most of us want House and Cuddy to be together at the end, and if they don't attempt it now, they may never ... and also, with all these characters, it's going to be hard to keep the audience entertained with such a massive cast fighting for attention.

And plus, I really want to see Hugh back doing comedies, lol.
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Mildly on topic

I'm going to two Bruce Springsteen concerts in the next week and a half -- one this Tuesday, one next Tuesday.

Mild on-topicness: THIS happened the last time I was at a Springsteen concert.

TAKING ONE TWO FOR THE TEAM. What epicness is to come this time around?? ;D
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My bad earlier for just running off of raw emotions on the main forum. Sorry, I'm only human. :/  But seriously, what is going ON with the ship wars? I can't remember EVER seeing one this bad.