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house_cuddy_ot's Journal

House/Cuddy Off Topic
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All Members , Moderated
Suggested by thewlisian_afer the moderator of house_wilson and hw_ot, house_cuddy_ot is the place for fans of House/Cuddy to get together and discuss all the other awesome stuff that happens on the show aside from House/Cuddy.

1. There's more awesomeness besides HouseCuddy? Really? How was I not aware!
Indeed, there is more awesome! Thirteen is awesome. Cameron is awesome. Chase's hair is awesome! Chase's hair threaded through Cuddy's fingers would be particularly awesome! Ahem. House and Wilson are also awesome, for their bromance is legendary.

2. You seem to like everybody. What up?
We try to love everyone! Even Foreman! Even Cameron! (Her hair is adorable, no?) If you don't like someone, of course you're allowed to speak your piece, but please do so respectfully. Comments such as "Thirteen is a skanky ho-bag!" will not be tolerated.

3. So. I don't have to post about Cuddy every time?
Nope. Although we love Cuddy and would rather she be included in every single scene, we recognize that there are other aspects of the show that HouseCuddiers might want to discuss, such as the medical or duckling/scooby gang subplots.

4. Sweet. What else can I post about?
Just about anything. Looking for a certain fic or icon? Want caps of a certain episode (not just the HC parts)? You can post stuff about Hugh and Lisa (though try not to duplicate too much with cuddelstein), etc, etc. If you're really not sure about something, feel free to send a mod a message!

5. Okedoke. What can't I post?
Fic. Drabbles. Graphics (icons, banners, etc). Spam.

6. Any other rules?
Basic ones:
a) Be respectful of other community members and their opinions.
b) No spam. No flames.
c) Please put large items (articles/photos/etc) AND ALL SPOILERS behind LJ-cuts.
d) Absolutely no actor, character, or ship bashing.
e) Please note that this is NOT the place to cross-post things like Hugh or Lisa icons; there are other communities for that, such as housegraphics, houseicons or cuddelstein. Again, please do not post fic and graphics. A better place for that would be housefic, or if your story is Cuddy/HouseCuddy related, you can post to house_cuddy.

With any questions/concerns, feel free to send an LJ private message to un_sedentary. :)